European Workplace Innovation Network (EUWIN)

The netwoeuwin-flyer-imagerk has been commissioned by EU DG Enterprise and Industry to an international consortium led by TNO which consists of organisations with long-term experience in studying and implementing workplace innovation, some of them coordinating national programmes (TEKES: Finland, DLR PT: Germany, Flanders Synergy: Belgium). Besides TNO one more OSH-partner is ANACT in France.

Over the next three years (optional four years) the network will provide public and private organisations and policy makers with evidence, concrete knowledge and practices to not only raise awareness about the benefits of workplace innovation but also to put it into practice across Europe. The goal is to spread an innovation culture throughout workplaces in Europe by pooling information together and building a system of best practice sharing on a continental scale. The aim and claim of workplace innovation is organisational performance (productivity and innovation capability) and better jobs (stress prevention, learning opportunities). Workplace innovation and OSH management can reinforce each other. The overlap on the effect side is ‘wellbeing at work’.          


Source: Pot, F., ‘Workplace innovation to achieve the EU2020 Strategy’, Paper presented at the Wellbeing at Work conference, PEROSH/HSL, Manchester, United Kingdom, 21–23 May 2012.

EUWIN is recruiting Ambassadors from enterprises, chambers of commerce, business federations, social partner organisations, public agencies and research institutions to raise awareness about workplace innovation and its benefits. To sign up:

More information:

Download the presentationEuropean Workplace Innovation Network” given by Frank Pot, Chair Advisory Board EUWIN during the EU OSHA seminar held in  Brussels on 9-10 October 2013.


Prof. Steven Dhondt, Chair Project Board of EUWIN:

Prof. Frank Pot, Chair Advisory Board of EUWIN:

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