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BusinessEurope and the Focal Points of Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg invite you exclusively to the conference:

We are facing nowadays more limit values for preventing exposure to carcinogen substances. How will companies comply with these new limit values? What measures will they have to undertake to respect the legislation and what will be the impact on their employees? Would they have to find solutions by themselves or would they receive help from relevant stakeholders?

Cross-industry and sectoral organisations could provide the necessary help to companies. The aim of this conference is therefore to discuss their involvement, their ambitions and the actions already ongoing, as well as to gather inspiration and hone ambition.

During the plenary and the market place sessions, successful sectoral and cross-industry initiatives from the Benelux and at EU-level will be presented. Experiences with instruments, campaigns and measure will be shared, questions answered and coalitions might be formed, with one single ambition: preventing exposure to carcinogens at work.


This conference is aimed at sectoral and cross-industry organisations, policy-makers, social partners, experts, and labour inspectors. Companies, no matter their size, are also most welcomed to join.

The conference is part of EU OSHA’s Healthy Workplaces Campaign 2018-2019 Manage Dangerous Substances and the Roadmap on Carcinogens.

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EVENT DATE:    May 15, 2019
EVENT TYPE:    Conference, congress or forum
LOCATION:        VBO-FEB office, Rue Ravenstein 4, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
ORGANIZERS:  The EU-OSHA Focal Points of the Benelux countries and BusinessEurope

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