CIOP-PIB: Integrating research infrastructures for European expertise on inclusive growth

From data to policy

Building on the successful experiences of the first InGRID project, InGRID-2 will further integrate and innovate the existing social sciences research infrastructures (RI) on poverty, living conditions and social policies as well as working conditions, vulnerability and labour policies.

InGRID-2 is funded under the Horizon 2020 programme and will last 4 years till May 2021. The project consortium consists of 19 partners from 13 countries. Katholieke Universiteit Leuven is the coordinator of the project.

CIOP-PIB has been invited to participate in the project because it has the access to statistics on accidents at work and working conditions and it has extensive experience in the in-depth statistical analyses using such data. Its membership of PEROSH has also been a key reason why CIOP-PIB has been asked to join the project as a partner.

Within the InGRID-2, CIOP-PIB will assist in drafting the regional gap analysis of the research infrastructures for Central-Eastern Europe and help develop OSH policy indicators and organize a workshop on such indicators.

In making the link to European policy innovation, expert networks such as PEROSH, will play an important role in InGRID 2. With the help of CIOP-PIB, PEROSH will be involved in organizing a data forum during which national working conditions surveys and related methodological issues will be discussed. In particular, forum participants will focus on the innovative potentials of possible survey improvement and data integration of existing national working conditions surveys in Europe. Furthermore, to strengthen the connection of PEROSH with the project, regular updates will follow on the InGRID-2 progress.


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