New PEROSH project – Futures project

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This new PEROSH project will aim at strengthening the network’s capacity to forecast future research priorities and applying to specific research calls, in order to contribute to the achievement of the goals set by the Europe 2020 strategy. This project, led by INAIL, will run for the next two years. It will translate into a practical research agenda the research themes included in the four macro areas identified by the EU-OSHA report on OSH research priorities for 2013-2020.

Futures project
To that end, INAIL (Italy) will run a Delphi survey among the PEROSH partners, analyse the findings in cooperation with other partners and produce the final project’s report. Special events to present the results of the surveys for each macro area will be organised. A closing event will possibly be held in 2016.


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PEROSH comprises 14 Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) institutes

The PEROSH partners aim to coordinate and cooperate on European research and development efforts in occupational safety and health.

PEROSH board members


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