HSE publishes Annual Science Review 2018

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Making a positive impact on the working world: see case studies from HSE’s scientists.

HSE’s Annual Science Review 2018 has a wide range of case studies describing the contribution the work of our scientists, engineers, physicians and analysts to improving health and safety. It contains 29 case studies from our science and engineering research work and highlights our Shared Research Programmes sponsored by industry and other stakeholders. The Review also highlights the importance of the interface between scientists and policymakers, and ensuring that evidence and the uncertainty around it is effectively communicated.

Case studies include our work on:

  • Assessing risks to farmers from toxic gases associated with animal slurries.
  • Engaging small and medium sized enterprises in research to understand asthma risk in woodworkers.
  • Researching how much occupational ill health is caused by long-term pesticide use.
  • Understanding and identifying faults with disposable respirators in the market place.
  • Improving in-cab filtration to protect workers from lung disease.
  • Protecting healthcare workers from Ebola and other serious infectious diseases
  • Improving the safe use of metal powders in additive manufacturing.
  • Occupational health at a new wind turbine manufacturing facility.

HSE Chief Scientific Adviser and Director of Research, Professor Andrew Curran, said: “I am very pleased and proud to launch our latest Science Review. Good evidence underpins how we regulate and how we support other organisations and government departments both in the UK and overseas. By anticipating future health and safety challenges today we can prevent incidents and harm to people tomorrow.”

For more information please go to: 2018 Annual Science Review 

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