UV Indirect approved and kicked off

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logoAuva-SmallThis new PEROSH project tackles the exposure of workers to indirect UV- and IR-radiation emitted by arcs, flames and thermal radiators. An evaluation for optical radiation is required for every workplace in Europe subsequent to the EU-directive 2006/25/EC. National law is in force since 2010. Whereas the employee exposed directly to optical radiation from severe sources (arc welding, blast furnace …) is enforced to wear PPE (personal protection equipment), the question remains in which situations other employees surrounding the direct exposure need to wear PPE? Exposure limits for optical radiation are complex (dependent on time, distance, source and wavelength). So far, there’s no easy rule to answer this question. A model validated against measurements and using a worst-case approach could help towards getting an easy model for risk assessment in the field of optical radiation. The model can be used by safety experts for risk assessment and will based on empirical, measured data. In summary, this new PEROSH project aims at:

  • Affording a legally compliant risk assessment,
  • Reducing complex limits and measurements to factors for basic risk calculation,
  • Publication of the model and tool for risk assessment.


The project thus enables companies to do legally compliant risk assessment in the field of optical radiation. The project results will help to save time and costs on the side of the employer as well as to save unnecessary wearing of PPE on the side of the employee. Further, consultation costs for external contractors in the field of OSH will be reduced as project outcomes will simplify the method of risk assessment in the field of optical radiation.

For more information please contact the project leader Emmerich Kitz via Emmerich.Kitz@auva.at.


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The PEROSH partners aim to coordinate and cooperate on European research and development efforts in occupational safety and health.

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