Research question: Does shift work and chronodisruption lead to a higher risk for breast cancer in women?

According to the methodology of the PEROSH Clearinghouse of Systematic Reviews

No. Reference
Study Grading (according to SIGN: ++/+/-)
PubMed link
1. Kolstad HA. Nightshift work and risk of breast
cancer and other cancers- a critical review of
the epidemiologic evidence. Scandinavian
Journal of Work, Environment & Health 2008
Feb. 34(1): 5-22.
PMID: 18427694
2. Erren TC, Pape HG, Reiter RJ, Piekarski C.
Chronodisruption and cancer.
Naturwissenschaften 2008 May; 95(5): 367-82
PMID: 18196215
3. Megdal SP, Kroenke CH, Laden F, Pukkala E,
Schernhammer ES. Night work and breast
cancer risk: A systematic review and metaanalysis.
European Journal of Cancer 2005 Sep.
41(13): 2023-2032.
PMID: 16084719

* Study grading (according to the adopted SIGN Checklist for PEROSH Clearinghouse of Systematic Reviews):
++ All or most of the criteria have been fulfilled. Where they have not been fulfilled the conclusions of the study or review are thought very unlikely to alter.
+ Some of the criteria have been fulfilled. Those criteria that have not been fulfilled or not adequately described are thought unlikely to alter the conclusions.
– Few or no criteria fulfilled. The conclusions of the study are thought likely or very likely to alter.
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