Research question: Is physically demanding work a risk factor for early retirement?

According to the methodology of the PEROSH Clearinghouse of Systematic Reviews

Study grading*
(sum of RAMSTAR scores)
        PubMed link
Van den Berg TI, Elders LA, Burdorf A. Influence of health and work on earlyretirement. J Occup Environ Med. 2010 Jun;52(6):576-83.

* Study grading (according to the adopted SIGN Checklist for PEROSH Clearinghouse of Systematic Reviews):
++ All or most of the criteria have been fulfilled. Where they have not been fulfilled the conclusions of the study or review are thought very unlikely to alter.
+ Some of the criteria have been fulfilled. Those criteria that have not been fulfilled or not adequately described are thought unlikely to alter the conclusions.
– Few or no criteria fulfilled. The conclusions of the study are thought likely or very likely to alter.
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