Development and validation of a practical monitoring and assessment tool (MAT) for injury prevention at workplaces

IFA: Frank Bochmann, Thomas Heitmann


Target groups:
Researchers, OSH experts and occupational accident insurers to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the company’s safety and health precautions and take appropriate measures.

Important OSH fields:
Technology – Organization – Personnel


A multitude of factors can lead to accident or injury at workplaces. These factors are generally categorized as technical, organizational or personal factors. For instance, poor physical condition, excessive force, low awareness of dangers, stress and the workplace design may make a substantial contribution to the injury rate. For this reason, a wide range of professional injury prevention programmes have been put in place around the world and especially in industrialized countries, in addition to the legal framework and technical guidelines. The majority of successful injury prevention programmes are based on a common set of key elements. Among these are technical improvements, management leadership, worker participation, hazard identification, hazard prevention, education and training. Effective control of the key elements of work safety may help to identify practical safety deficits at an early stage and ensure the long-term effectiveness of injury prevention.


This project is to determine whether the MAT can be applied internationally.

In order for the MAT to be tested and developed in multiple countries, workplaces in these countries are to be assessed using the MAT. At the same time, information on occupational injuries is to be collected. This will generate the data that can be used to check the reliability and validity of the MAT as a tool for the prevention of occupational injuries.

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