Hazard identification and engineered nanoparticles

Project leader: NFA


General information on the project

The goals of the project are two fold. Firstly, to develop a mutual protocol for a comprehensive hazard identification of engineered nanoparticles involving both in vitro and in vivo tests and targeting a multitude of different health effects, i.e. cancer, inflammation, fibrogenicity, cytotoxicity, and DNA-damage, relation to pulmonary effects, neurophysiologic effects (brain damage), cardiovascular effects, and reproductive effects (foetal damage).
Secondly, the partners aim to conduct mutual projects in which the different partners contribute with tests and methods of their particular expertise.

Dr. Håkan Wallin, NFA, hwa@arbejdsmiljoforskning.dk

Update on the project

Following a call for proposal from the EU Commission (FP 7), the group has obtained together with other external partners an EU project on regulatory testing of nanomaterials (NANoREG project): 59 participants including most of the institutes of the PEROSH project.
NANoREG will:

  • Provide answers and solutions from existing data, complemented with new knowledge
  • Provide a tool box of relevant instruments for risk assessment, characterisation, toxicity testing and exposure measurements of MNMs, (iii) develop, for the long term, new testing strategies adapted to innovation requirements, (iv) Establish a close collaboration among authorities, industry and science leading to efficient and practically applicable risk management approaches for MNMs and products containing MNMs.
  • Some PEROSH members will be involved in 2 tasks related to “Carbon Nanotube toxicity”. NRCWE is in lead:
  • Task 4.5.1 Biological effects of pulmonary deposition of HARN in rats (NRCWE, STAMI, FIOH, INRS)
  • Task 4.5.2 Biological effects of inhalation of HARN in rats (INRS, NRCWE, STAMI, FIOH)


More information at: www.nanoreg.eu

The NANOREG project has published its second  newsletter that gives information on the implementation of the project. The newsletter can be downloaded from the NANoREG-web site: http://www.nanoreg.eu/index.php/news-events/newsletter.html

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