Nano Exposure & Contextual Information Database (NECID)

IFA: Johannes Pelzer


Collaborative partners:
French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), France
Institute of Occupational Medicine (IOM), United Kingdom

University Lund, Sweden

Target groups:
Researchers, OSH experts, companies

Overview of NECID Central Server, Login to NECID User Webpage, test version and licence agreements (English/German):


The aim of this project is to establish a database of information on occupational exposure to manufactured nanoparticles. Development of the nano-object exposure database has the goal of permitting systematic and uniform documentation of operating, exposure and measured data. The database is to make the data available for the purposes of research, exposure modelling and the building of exposure scenarios. It is to contribute to improving and harmonizing assessments of nano-object exposure, and would be a source of information for risk management and the setting of occupational exposure limits.

The database is to provide a general overview of the levels of occupational exposure to nanomaterials in different exposure situations, and is to:

  • be a key tool for building exposure scenarios and modelling future exposure.
  • serve as an ideal source of information for risk management and the setting of occupational exposure benchmark levels/limits.
  • contribute to improved and harmonized assessment of exposure and promote the performance of new measurements.
  • serve as a tool for the sharing of exposure data.


Beside the database, a further feature of the software is support for the user during data collection. It focuses in particular on the workplace environment and the first steps of data analysis.

Latest news

This PEROSH group is working in conjunction with the eNanoMapper EU project on harmonizing the ontology of the database and exploiting linking the database software of the two projects.

For mid-2017, plans are for the NECID software to be made available to scientific users and companies involved in the industrial sector of manufactured nanoparticles.

Abstracts are being submitted for a number of conferences (Airmon, NanOEH, XXI World Congress on Safety and Health) in order to present the software to the scientific community.

Public access to the database is envisaged.

Project summary Download full description of the project

Presentations The project members presented their work on several conferences

Publications Gefahrstoffe – Reinhaltung der Luft – Air Quality Control, 2013 (German only)


Further information

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