OSH EVIDENCE DATABASE of Systematic Reviews

Here you can find answers to your question by type of question (intervention, etiology etc), type of worker involved, type of intervention or exposure or type of outcome involved. By clicking on the number of reviews you get access to the full references and documentation.

  Question Question Type Type of
Intervention Exposure Prog. Outcome Reviews
 1 Does physical work lead to hip osteoarthritis? Etiology Persons between 25 -80 of age Physical work load Hip Osteoarthritis  8
 2 What factors predict prognosis of sick leave in workers with musculoskeletal disorders? Prognosis Musculoskeletal Disorders Any Sick Leave 13 reviews
 3 What is the impact of work-related (physical) load on the development of knee osteoarthritis
in the workforce?
Working population (after career entry) work-related (physical) load Knee osteoarthritis 9
 4 Which interventions can prevent back pain in workers exposed to biomechanical load Intervention Workers between 16 – 80 years of age exposed to biomechanical load Work- and worker-directed interventions to reduce biomechanical load
(excluding return-to-work interventions, exercises/back schools)
Biomechanical load Incidence, intensity and duration of back pain, frequency of episodes 11 reviews
 5 What interventions are effective in preventing early retirement in older workers? Intervention Older Any Early retirement 1
 6 Do work-related psychosocial factors lead to pain in the upper extremities? Etiology Any Work-related psychosocial factors Upper extremities symptoms 10 reviews
 7 Psychosocial stress at work and cardiovascular disease Etiology Any Psychosocial stress Cardiovascular disease 5
 8 How can needlestick injuries in health workers be prevented? Prevention Health care workers Any Viral infections Needlestick injuries 8
 9 Is aggression more frequent among health care workers compared to other workers in public function? Health care workers Agression 3
 10 Do work-related psychosocial factors lead to low back pain? Etiology Any Work-related psychosocial factors Low back pain 4
 11 Do work-related psychosocial factors lead to pain in the lower extremities? Etiology Any Work-related psychosocial factors Lower extremities symptoms 1 reviews
 12 Does shift work and chronodisruption lead to a higher risk for breast cancer in women? Etiology female blue and white collars between 15 – 90 years of age shift work /chronodisruption Breast cancer 3 reviews
 13 Do visual warning signs in workplaces lead to compliance in behaviour and/or reduce injuries in workers compared to no signs or an alternative intervention? Any visual warning signs Injuries  0
 14 Do interventions/reintegration programs successfully promote return to work among people with mental disorders?   Workers at working age diagnosed with mental disorders Intervention and reintegration programs Return to work 3
 15 Are psychosocial work characteristics risk factors for early retirement? Workers between 55 and 65 years of age unfavourable psychosocial work characteristics Unfavourable psychosocial work characteristics Early retirement 1
 16 Is physically demanding work a risk factor for early retirement? Workers between 55 and 65 years of age Physically demanding work Early retirement  1
 17 Do occupational risks lead to the carpal tunnel syndrome? Male and female workers aged 16-67 Physical work load in the arm, hand, and shoulder Carpal tunnel syndrome 4
 18 Does physical load at work lead to Epicondylitis? Workers between 16-80 years of age   Work-related physical load Epicondylitis 2
 19 Do medical employees of the intensive and emergency care or surgery units get sick from tuberculosis more than the general population? Workers (no limitation with regard to age, both gender) Medical personal from the intensive care and emergency care Units or surgery Tuberculosis 3 reviews 
 20 Which interventions prevent heat stress at work? Workers or workplaces Any intervention to reduce heat stress at work Occupational health measurements (incidence, symptoms, orexposure) related to heat stress at work   0
21 Which interventions prevent occupational injuries in teen workers? Intervention workers from 12 to <18 years old Any Occupational injuries 2 reviews
22 What are the effects of telework on employee’s well-being and health?  Etiology  teleworkers Telework related exposures Any health problems 2 reviews
23 Do economic incentives prolong the working life of ageing workers? Intervention Ageing workers (55+) Economic incentives Early retirement 0 review
24 Is ventilation effective in reducing nanoparticles? Intervention Workplaces with nanoparticles Ventilation devices Exposure to nanoparticles O review
 25 Do occupational exposure to beryllium lead to an increased risk of lung cancer? Interventions (former) worker population from 16 years Occupational exposure to beryllium Lung cancer O review
26 Does occupational lead exposure cause an increased risk for cancer? Intervention Workers and pensioners between 16 and 85 years of age Occupational lead exposure Cancer O review
27 To what extent differs the risk of employed persons with a mainly sedentary gainful employment from a mainly non-sedentary gainful employment to suffer from low back pain? Intervention Working population with sedentary work Mainly sedentary gainful employment Low back pain 5 reviews
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