The OSH Evidence Group offers workshops to provide knowledge in searching systematic reviews for OSH topics. All aspects of finding and assessing reviews are presented and trained in practice:

• Definition of an answerable question and search strategy

• Searching and finding the appropriate systematic reviews

• Assessing the quality of found reviews

• Reporting the results.

Participants can bring their own topics to elaborate. At the end of the workshop the participants have hands-on experience of searching for systematic reviews and of quality assessment of reviews. Handouts and papers for practice are given.

The benefits for the participants will include a better understanding of reviews in general and knowledge of how to find systematic reviews for their needs at work.

Target group: Professionals and students working in practice, research and administration in occupational safety and health.

The workshops are offered at no charge and are open to everybody

Workshops were held in 2012 and 2011:

1. Workshop Friday 14 September 2012, Bologna (Italy):
Bridging the gap between research and policy: Systematic Reviews to Inform Policy and Practice

2. Workshop Monday 17 January 2011, Hoofddorp (Netherlands):
Systematic Reviews to Inform Policy and Practice

If you would like to be notified of upcoming workshops, please contact:

Dr. Jos Verbeek (FIOH):

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