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Seminar 1st Perosh research exchange Warsaw

In an ever-changing world of work, the promotion of the health and safety of the present and future workforce is crucial





Jan Michiel Meeuwsen


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Event information

Translational Research in OSH’ was the topic of our 1st internal research exchange event in Warsaw at CIOP-PIB’s premises. Experienced and young researchers within the PEROSH network had the chance to meet, discuss and exchange their know how in OSH research and applications in three parallel sessions: 1. Ageing at work, 2. E-Tools for working environments, 3. Prevention through designKeynotes by Max Lum (NIOSH)Ludwig Berger (Brass Monier Group) and Robert Bezemer (TNO) will inspire the plenum about the use of social media for research translation in OSH and about the do’s  and dont’s when implementing a safety culture concept such as ‘Vision Zero’ in companies.

  • Ageing at work
  • E-Tools for working enviromnments
  • Prevention through design Keynotes

Established and young researchers met at CIOP-PIB in Warsaw to discuss and exchange on ‘Translational Research in Occupational Safety and Health’. Max Lum from NIOSH,  Ludwig Berger from Brass Monier Group and Robert Bezemer from TNO gave key note presentations on 22nd  October 2015.

In addition, there were three parallel sessions on:

  1. Ageing at work – examples of translational OSH Research in context of demographic change.
  2. Prevention through design approaches and applications in light of industry 4.0 (incl. AMI, VR-simulations, Smart Factory).
  3. E-Tools for working environments as means of translating research into usable e-solutions.

The programme further included a visit to the brand new CIOP-PIB laboratories and a PEROSH networking dinner on the 21st. All together, 70 participants from across PEROSH members and a small number of special, external guests attended this first PEROSH research exchange event.

Below you find a number of videos to watch for further impressions. Also, all key note speeches have been video taped and are available to watch and download below. Presentations of the three parallel sessions are downloadable via the programme.

‘Best of’: 10-minutes summary video on the whole event

Professor Dietmar Reinert, PEROSH chairman

Professor Paulien Bongers, PEROSH vice-chairwoman

Professor Andrew Curran, PEROSH scientific steering group chairman

Plenary Session I
Introduction and key note speech Max Lum (NIOSH) Translational Research in OSH: Finding the Signal in the Noise.

Plenary Session II
Introduction and key note speech Ludwig Berger (Monier Group) and Robert Bezemer (TNO)
Zero Accident Forum: Implementation at Monier Group and PEROSH Evaluation Results

Plenary Discussion
Plenary discussion moderated by Max Lum (NIOSH) on “Lessons Learned in Using Social Media When Translating Research in OSH for a Wider Public Audience” – follow the discussion via #transOSH on twitter!

Wed 21 Oct, Day 1

9:00 – 16:00 Meeting PEROSH SSG at CIOP-PIB
16:30 Registration & Arrival of PEROSH research exchange participants
17:00 Welcome to PEROSH @ CIOP-PIB incl. agenda and joint aperitif
17:30 – 19:00 Joint visit of new CIOP-PIB laboratories incl. a get-to-know each other activity
19:30 – 21:30 Joint dinner in city centre incl. welcome note of PEROSH chairman

Thu 22 Oct, Day 2

9:00 – 10:00 Plenary session I
Introduction and key note speech Max Lum (NIOSH) Translational Research in OSH: Finding the Signal in the Noise.

10:00 – 12:00 Parallel Sessions

I. Ageing at work
Chair: Nils Fallentin, NRCWE

1. MD Sole, INSHT: Research through practice: good practice in prolonging working life
2. M Widerszal-Bazyl, CIOP-PIB: Psychological and organizational aspects of age management in the workplace – selected CIOP-PIB studies
3. M Wallin, FIOH: Work engagement for seniors – Randomized controlled field trial

II. E-tools for working environments
Chair: Jan Michiel Meeuwsen, TNO

1. N Wiezer, TNO: Behaviour Change Techniques in mHealth applications for mental and physical health of knowledge workers ( download )
2. C Barber, HSE: Promoting evidence-based management of occupational asthma amongst health care professionals ( download )
3. H Friesenbichler, AUVA: ABS – A tool for evaluation of mental workload in SMEs ( download)
4. M Arnone, IFA: GESTIS- Stoffmanager/ Stoffenmanager® – Continous development of an international web based control banding tool for risk assessments ( download )

III. Prevention through design
Chair: Peter Paszkiewicz, IFA

1. V Grosjean, INRS: Machine and human autonomy in an integrated workplace: some issues as to their mutual influence ( download )
2. W Harris, HSL: Towards Industry 4.0: Health and safety considerations of an exponential technology – Additive manufacturing
3. A Richter, BAUA: BAUA’s point of view on Industry 4.0 and overview of PEROSH cooperation ( download )
4. A Dąbrowska, CIOP-PIB: A need for a new conceptual framework for occupational risk management in Smart Working Environments ( download )

13:00 – 14:00 Plenary session II
Introduction and key note speech Ludwig Berger (Monier Group) and Robert Bezemer (TNO)

Zero Accident Forum: Implementation at Monier Group and PEROSH Evaluation Results

14:30 – 15:30 Parallel Sessions

I. Ageing at work
Chair: Nils Fallentin, NRCWE

1. OM Poulsen, NRCWE: Use of Danish cohorts and registers in studies of work retention of ageing workers
2. KB Veiersted, STAMI: Is the relation between physical work exposure and self-reported work ability dependent on age? ( download )

II. E-tools for working environments


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