Recap: 3rd PEROSH Research Conference in Copenhagen

In an ever-changing world of work, the promotion of the health and safety of the present and future workforce is crucial

10th/11th September 2019


Lerso Parkallé 105
DK-2100 Copenhagen, Denmark


Jan Michiel Meeuwsen

Event information

Innovative solutions for Occupational Safety and Health

 10th/11th September 2019

PEROSH organised its very successful Research Conference in Copenhagen. This was already the third edition of this event. In October 2015 PEROSH researchers convened in Warsaw, Poland, kindly hosted by our Polish member CIOP-PIB, and in September 2017 in Sankt Augustin, Germany, kindly hosted by our German member IFA.

This time our Danish member NFA was the host and the members-only meeting aimed to connect junior or upcoming researchers with senior researchers across institutes via a mix of networking activities, keynote- and topic-related working group sessions. 


For a lively interaction via brief presentations of best practice examples from our institutes the following topics for parallel working group sessions were selected by PEROSH

1)   Sustainable and prolonged working life;

how are we tackling current and emerging challenges? (for instance, emerging challenges from digitalisation of work)

2)   Carcinogens and chemical substances;

how do we deal with occupational cancer and increased awareness of chemical exposures in the workplace?

3) Impact on society;

how do we realise and measure the impact of our research outcomes to improve workplace health and safety?

Event content

This video gives an impression of the 3rd PEROSH Research Conference

Sustainable work ability – healthy retirement? by Prof Clas-Håkan Nygård

Stress and Satisfaction in the workplace by Nathalie Lotzmann & Selma Fellhauer


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