4th PEROSH Research Conference in Madrid

PEROSH warmly invites upcoming and senior researchers from our member institutes to join the 4th PEROSH Research Conference hosted by INSST in Spain. 

29th/30th September 2021

General information and documents

Event themes


2020 will be remembered as the year of the worldwide pandemic that has shaken the world of work. Epidemiologists insist that this will be a more common issue in the future, so work places must be prepared for it. What are we learning and what have we learned from this crisis? In this section, PEROSH researchers are invited to present their own experience on all those fields affected, directly or indirectly, by this threat: Working conditions, Teleworking, Psychosocial impact, Health Management, PPE’s, Preventive measures, and many others related to the topic.


Today, OSH borders are drawn by blurred lines. The limits of OSH field research have been enlarged towards other areas both in research and in practice, involving necessarily a solid cooperation. Such as the Human capital domain, technological developments, Industrial regulations, economic impact, commerce & product regulations, traffic and mobility issues, pharmacy issues and regulations, just to mention some of them, show that OSH activities and research are closely related to other experts and activities outside the pure “OSH-Labour” world. In this section, PEROSH researchers are invited to present their own experience on projects where the tight cooperation and full understanding of other fields is needed: Industry, Education, Health, Social Services, Industry, etc.
Globalization and the virtual communication in the (post) pandemic world also shortens geographic distances. Therefore, research in collaboration with other countries outside the EU is also welcomed to be presented.


Looking for the future and its problems cannot make us forget that there are old problems waiting for solutions.
Innovative approaches, new technologies and fresh science or better tailored solutions for the “classic OSH” problems can be presented in this section. PEROSH researchers are invited to present their own experience, considerations and proposals to deal with those old challenges.



Event videos

Welcome speeches 

4th PEROSH Research Conference in Madrid

Work and digitalization 

by Kristina Palm from the Karlstad University. Her PowerPoint presentation can be downloaded here.

INSST and the PPE crisis during the COVID-19 pandemic 

by Pilar Cáceres Armendáriz from our Spanish PEROSH member INSST.

Development of a Next generation RNA replicon vaccine against SARS-CoV-2

by Isabel Sola Gurpegui from CSIC. Her PowerPoint presentation can be downloaded here.

4th PEROSH Research Conference in Madrid

Travel documents and COVID forms

1. Please find information on travel and accommodation here.

2. The Form required by the Spanish health system less than 48 hours prior to arrival.

3. A COVID declaration must be completed by those attending the conference and be handed over at registration.

4. During the congress video’s and pictures will be made. For this we need your consent. You can download the form and bring it to Madrid.

5. The COVID protocol document for the event.


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