5th PEROSH Research Conference & Anniversary event (20 years PEROSH)

PEROSH warmly invites early-stage and senior researchers from our member institutes to join the 5th PEROSH Research Conference hosted by SAWEE in Stockholm, Sweden.

6-8 September 2023


Venue ABF-huset, Cirkeln,
Sveavägen 41, Stockholm, Sweden



PEROSH warmly invites early-stage and senior researchers from our member institutes to join the 5th PEROSH Research Conference hosted by SAWEE in Stockholm, Sweden. This conference is a special event associated to the 20th anniversary of this network and is planned over three days.

Researchers are invited to present their results related to the three following themes. Early-stage researchers (PHD thesis in preparation or defended less than three years ago) are especially welcome. An award will be available for the best presentation of an early-stage researcher.

1. Work organization and OSH

Following the pandemic, but also based on preexisting trends, various changes have impacted work organizations (telework, hybrid work, increased use of digital tools, new types of companies). Many researchers try to understand the effects of these mutations which may result in new risks, especially psychosocial ones, but also offer new opportunities to promote health and safety in diverse groups throughout working life (self-employed, migrants, gender-related)   

Globalization and the virtual communication in the (post) pandemic world also shortens geographic distances. Therefore, research in collaboration with other countries outside the EU is also welcomed to be presented.

2. OSH questions and new techniques for exposure and hazard identification

Within PEROSH, there is substantial activity dedicated to the development of new techniques for exposure assessment and hazard identification for chemical, biological, physical risks and also for combined exposure (for instance chemical/physical activity).

Other research is related to the development of effective interventions and improved prevention measures, sometimes borrowed from other fields such as environmental health.  Some of these new methods from instrumentation to statistics lead to significant improvements.

3. Anticipating future questions

The workplace is being affected by a significant number of technological innovations (artificial intelligence, virtual reality, cobots, exoskeletons) which rise new challenges for occupational safety and health but also may offer opportunities. Additional evolution is foreseen related to the transition to a greener economy or the effect of climate change (Net Zero and consequences, circular economy). Some of the activities within PEROSH aim at identifying these new issues and enabling early action for prevention.

More information on registration will follow soon. Have a look at the overview of hotels and discounts they offer. If you intend to come, please book a hotel far in advance to avoid disappointment. Follow this link for an overview of the conference venue and the hotels.

Event videos

Impression video of the event.

5th PEROSH Research Conference in Stockholm

Thoughts on 20 years with PEROSH

Several stakeholders reflect on the existence of PEROSH.

Introductions day 1.

Welcome to PEROSH 20 year anniversary

Watch all event videos on YouTube

Watch all event videos on our YouTube channel @peroshnetwork

5th PEROSH Research Conference in Stockholm
6-8 September 2023

Information about SAWEE

For a healthy and sustainable working life

At the Swedish Agency for Work Environment Expertise we collect, compile, and communicate knowledge of what constitutes a good work environment and how that correlates with employee-health, company productivity and profitability. This is what we do: https://youtu.be/8Yo0r2_zWHY

For more information about us and our publications, please visit www.sawee.se

Travel documents and COVID forms

1. Please find information on travel and accommodation here.

2. The Form required by the Spanish health system less than 48 hours prior to arrival.

3. A COVID declaration must be completed by those attending the conference and be handed over at registration.

4. During the congress video’s and pictures will be made. For this we need your consent. You can download the form and bring it to Madrid.

5. The COVID protocol document for the event.


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