PEROSH comprises 14 Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) institutes


Mr Louis Laurent

Contact person:

Marian Nieuwenhout

+31 6 53 13 15 62

Address PEROSH HQ:

Sylviusweg 71

2333 BE Leiden

The Netherlands

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In an ever-changing world of work, the promotion of the health and safety of the present and future workforce is crucial for guaranteeing a healthier, longer and more productive working life. In order to ensure the quality of work and employment in Europe, a well-coordinated approach to occupational safety and health research rising above regional and national boundaries is needed. Therefore, the PEROSH partners aim to coordinate and cooperate on European research and development efforts in occupational safety and health. The network comprises 14 Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) institutes, all playing key roles in their national affiliations to governments/authorities and health and accident insurance systems.

Steering committee

The Steering Committee (SC) consists of the general directors of the 14 PEROSH Member Institutes and is responsible for the strategic management of PEROSH. This includes the decisions on the specific knowledge sharing initiatives, the promotion of joint research and development of joint projects. Furthermore, the SC discusses the inclusion of new members, the appointment of the chairperson and the vice-chairperson of the SC, the establishment and mandate of the Scientific Steering group and working groups. They agree on the annual budget and approve the annual account of revenue and expenditures.

Executive committee

The Executive Committee shall be responsible for the day-to-day management and shall keep the Steering Committee informed on all relevant issues.


Louis Laurent

INRS, France

Vice chairperson

Steffen Bohni

NFA, Denmark


Margrethe Schøning

STAMI, Norway

Manager International Affairs

Jan Michiel Meeuwsen

Jan Michiel Meeuwsen

Scientific Steering Group

The Scientific Steering Group (SSG) consists of the research/scientific directors of the 14 member institutes of PEROSH. The SSG facilitates and follows-up on the joint research projects, discusses new research topics and cooperation and proposes decisions to the Steering Committee. The Scientific Steering Group meets twice a year. 

221201 - Margrethe-min

Margrethe Schøning



c/o TNO
Sylviusweg 71
2333 BE Leiden
The Netherlands

Jan Michiel Meeuwsen_mob
Manager International Affairs

Jan Michiel Meeuwsen

Marian Nieuwenhout Support Staff
PEROSH Secretariat

Marian Nieuwenhout

Anne-Sophie Farizy - Web support

Anne-Sophie Farizy

PEROSH’s Manager International Affairs reports to the PEROSH Chairperson, Director of Science at TNO Healthy Living, and works closely with the secretariat. He is responsible for the coordination and networking to achieve the general objectives of PEROSH, and in particular:

  • The follow up and support in the development of joint research projects: project planning support, ensuring good communication between project managers and researchers at the member institutes, monitoring of EU funding possibilities, coordination of answers to calls for proposals.
  • The communication of the partnership: writing, editing and disseminating PEROSH documents (newsletter, leaflet) and development of the PEROSH website.
  • The organisation of workshops and conferences.


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