AUSTRIA: Austrian Social Insurance for Occupational Risks

Member since: 2013

Contact person:

DI Georg Effenberger

Member address:

Adalbert-Stifter-Strasse 65 1200 Vienna Austria


About AUVA

AUVA is the social insurance for occupational risks for more than 3,3 million working people and 1.4 million pupils and students. It is financed mainly by contributions paid by employers. Its legal duties are: prevention of occupational accidents and diseases, occupational medical care, first aid for occupational accidents, post traumatic treatment, rehabilitation, financial compensation and research.

AUVA offers advice, training, expert opinion and information in all questions related to occupational safety and health, to adapt the working process, the workplace and the individual protection. Safety experts visit the companies: they inform, advice and cooperate to find solutions. They offer safety and health assessment, counselling and training for employers and employees. They carry out safety and health protection activities.

Materials, equipment, machines and work processes are investigated with the aim of creating a human and safe working environment. The Safety Technology Testing and Research Centre carries out fundamental research and development. The Technical Safety Laboratory, a certified and officially licenced testing facility, offers European Conformity testing for manufacturers and producers.

AUVA is explicitly authorised by law to carry out research in order to determine the most efficient means and methods to fulfil its duties. This applies to safety at the workplace as well as to methods of therapy. The results of research are valuable not only for AUVA but also its clients and patients: these results are made generally accessible through publications and events. Important research projects are usually carried out in cooperation with national and international partners.

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