NORWAY: National Institute of Occupational Health

Member since: 2003

Contact person:

Pål Molander

Member address:

Postboks 5330 Majorstuen, 0304 Oslo, Norway

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STAMI’s vision is that Norwegian working life shall be capable of creating a work environment that prevents sickness and promotes good health. The objective is to generate knowledge about the connection between work, sickness and health, determine these connections, evaluate risks and suggest preventive measures, and spread knowledge about the relationship between health and work as known in Norway.

The National Institute of Occupational Health is a research institute organised under the Ministry of Labour and Social Inclusion. The Institute has a staff of more than one hundred who generate, apply and communicate knowledge about work and health.

STAMI’s employees constitute a cross-professional group with expertise in the fields of medicine, chemistry, biology, psychology and other disciplines. The institute is involved in more than 60 research projects every year. Some of these are research projects lasting several years; others are evaluations and studies with a more practical foundation.

The Institute is concerned with all sectors of Norwegian working life
STAMI maps environmental and health needs, assesses risks and suggests preventive measures at the work place. The institute has a clinic for occupational medicine where patients with possible occupation-related illnesses are investigated. The library is open for all. The institute also provides training for security and health personnel and other professionals. STAMI replies to all questions relating to work and health.

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