DENMARK: Det Nationale Forskningscenter for Arbejdsmiljø

Member since: 2003

Contact person:

Mr Steffen Bohni Nielsen

Member address:

Lersø Park Allé 105 2100 Copenhagen Ø Denmark

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About NFA

NFA monitors, analyses and explores the working environment
The National Research Centre for the Working Environment (NFA) is a government research institute under the Ministry of Employment. The mission of the NFA is to monitor, analyse and explore conditions in the working environment of importance to health, safety and work role functioning.

NFA serves as a knowledge base for the Ministry of Employment, the social partners and working environment counsellors.
NFA serves as a knowledge base for the administrative and legislative work of the Ministry of Employment. Furthermore, NFA disseminates research based knowledge to the social partners, enterprises and working environment counsellors and contributes to further education at the universities.

Areas of expertise
The NFA played a major role in establishing the scientific background knowledge for the development of the current National Working Environment Strategy 2010. The research strategy of the NFA is designed to support achievement of the goals of this national strategy just as it aims at preventing even longer term challenges. The themes of the current research are:

News about NFA

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