November 4, 2021

till November 7, 2021


Online + On site


ETOK (Industrial Toxicology Association)

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3rd International Industrial and Environmental Toxicology Congress

ETOK (Industrial Toxicology Association), which prioritizes human health above all, will bring together the world’s most prestigious experts and different disciplines and transfer their work to create a sustainable system for a healthy life on the world. It will organize the Environmental Toxicology Congress as a hybrid congress in order to be the most accessible and traceable.

IETOX 2021, which will take place on 4-7 November 2021, will be a scientific platform where sustainable improvement activities to be carried out in occupational health and safety, one of the basic elements of public health, and their contributions to society, the environment and the world. After IETOX 2019, which was held face-to-face with the participation of 136 local and foreign speakers and 35 Supporting Institutions and Sponsors, IETOX 2020 online realized as. IETOX 2020 delivered a rich scientific content including the effects of environmental and industrial toxicology on human and public health, occupational health and safety as well as the effects of the pandemic.

Among national and international speakers and supporting organizations that are watched with great interest:

  • Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services, General Directorate of Occupational Health and Safety, İSGGM and İSGÜM,
  • ÇASGEM, Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services, Labor and Social Security Training and Research Center,
  • Ministry of Health, Department of Environmental Health,
  • Ministry of Health Employee Health Department,
  • WHO IARC World Health Organization,
  • ICOH International Commission on Occupational Health,
  • PEROSH EU Partnership for European Research in Occupational Safety and Health,
  • FDA US Food and Drug Administration,
  • CDC US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,
  • NIOSH US The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health,
  • WAO World Autism Organization,
  • BOHS British Occupational Hygiene Society,
  • SOM UK The Society of Occupational Medicine,
  • FOAH Finnish Institute of Occupational Health,
  • BSI US & EU Beryllium Solutions International,
  • HSE Health and Safety Executive

The information shared in the congress, where scientists from different disciplines shared their knowledge and experience, their acquisitions and experiences in their countries for protective and preventive measures on an international platform with the participation of many authorities, took place in the national media with different news.

This year, as a hybrid congress that can be viewed both face-to-face and online, we will be together with scientists working for a healthy life and a healthy future in the world with the benefits of sustainable management systems and technology to be applied in the fields of industrial and environmental toxicology, occupational health and safety.

Your participation and support will be a very valuable step towards building a healthy future together.

Visit the IETOX2021 website


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