International Industrial and Environmental Toxicology Congress – IETOX



November 19, 2020

till November 22, 2020




The Industrial Toxicology Association

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The 1st International Industrial and Environmental Toxicology Congress, organized by ETOK (Industrial Toxicology Association) on 26-29 October 2019, has enabled professionals in this field to come together on a scientific platform and at the same time, created a ground where problems, suggestions and expectations are shared. Upon the intense demand, it was decided by the Board of Directors of the Association to organize the Congress annually and to make it traditional. In this context, it was decided to plan the 2nd of the Congress on 19-22 November 2020.

Due to the limitations caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Congress is planned to be held online in the form of a webinar. We believe that it will fully meet the problems and expectations in the field with its exhaustive scientific program. The aim of the congress is to bring together professionals and academicians in this field and to discuss the latest developments and emerging risks. Many national and international institutions and organizations have made scientific support decisions to the Congress.

The main theme of the congress this year will be industrial toxicology and occupational health in small-and-medium sized enterprises. The main topics of the congress are planned to be related with industrial and environmental diseases and cancers, genotoxicity, neurotoxicity, nanotoxicology and environmental effects, environmental pollution, occupational and environmental risk assessment, preventive and protective strategies, social effects of occupational and environmental diseases and health systems. There will also be sessions that work towards raising awareness not only in terms of human and community health, but also in terms of employee health.

Discussion sessions and sectoral sessions will also be held at the Congress, depending on demand. In addition, oral presentation sessions will be held where scientists can present their original work.

PEROSH supports the congress and will provide a contribution.

We invite you to attend the International Industrial and Environmental Toxicology Congress. Your participation and support will shed light on the future.

Information pack: IETOX2020 Full Information

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