BIG DATA: NFA is making a survey of existing working environment databases

NFA: big data
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The possibilities of collecting working environment data at workplaces are increasing rapidly these years. Big Data is supported by new technology and software to deal with data such as predictive models and Machine Learning.

NFA has implemented a project with the purpose to document and identify approximately 80 data collections from the last few years of research. Databases are meant to be used by others, and the more they are shared, the greater value they will have for the development of the working environment at Danish workplaces.

The project will identify the most strategic databases, which will be in focus in the first place. At the same time, the project will analyze how data can be made available for data retrieval, e.g. as micro data or virtual possibilities of combining different data sets in the Cloud. In that connection, it is important to find an IT-solution which is both user-friendly, dynamic and in compliance with information safety.

The project is part of a large data infrastructure project in the Ministry of Employment, which NFA is affiliated to.

The vision is to create a common sharing of knowledge among researchers, practitioners and others to allow a dynamic inclusion of new data sources in the future with a common standard for future analyses and research projects. NFA has taken the first steps towards this vision by placing the documentation of the datasets collected through the latest years at the top of the agenda.


Steffen Bohni, NFA (

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