DIALOGUE: NFA has established a webpanel: New platform for dialogue

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NFA’s webpanel is a new digital platform launched in the beginning of the year to promote and facilitate the dialogue from research to practice. The webpanel was established as a new way of facilitating dialogue between researchers and important target groups such as working environment professionals and to facilitate the exchange of knowledge on and experience in bringing research to practice.   

The webpanel is part of NFA’s new Research-to-Practice (R2P) strategy with the purpose to strengthen the relevance, use and societal impact of NFA’s research, which means that NFA’s researchers and communicators will have to work much more systematically than before to link research, knowledge-brokers and the working environment effort at workplaces closer together.

The purpose is also to establish a forum with focus on receiving qualitative feedback on research and dissemination of research – and if possible, to supplement with quantitative measures and to exchange knowledge about and experience in implementing R2P.

Today, many of NFA’s researchers are in contact with users of NFA’s scientific research through reference groups, intervention projects and different networks. The webpanel should therefore act as a supplement to strengthen and support the contact between these groups.

Though the webpanel is only a couple of months old, almost 300 working environment professionals have joined the panel as members. So the interest is big, and NFA therefore hopes that the new webpanel will make a positive difference in the future.


Charlotte Aagaard Knudsen (ckn@nfa.dk)

More information

Visit the webpanel here https://www.nfapanel.dk/ (in Danish only)

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