IMPACT: Project on measuring the impact factor of the National Research Centre for the Working Environment (NFA)

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One of NFA’s core tasks as a government research institute in Denmark is to produce useful scientific results for society. The target groups will have to use our results for policy development, law enforcement, and in practice at the workplaces.

Generally, it is a global challenge for research institutes to document the use and the societal impact of the scientific results produced and disseminated by the research institutes.

In 2020, one of NFA’s most important tasks will therefore be to develop a method to measure the societal impact of NFA’s research. Researchers from all NFA’s research areas will be involved in the development of the method, and it will require the following four elements as a minimum:

  1. The basis for designing such a method will be examined through a literature review.
  2. Designing of the method.
  3. Test and validation of the method.
  4. Final report in Danish and English published in an international peer-reviewed journal.

The designing of the method is part of NFA’s new strategy, which will be revised in 2020.

For further information, please contact

Ole Henning Sørensen, NFA (

More information

Kramer, D. M., Wells, R. P., Carlan, N., Aversa, T., Bigelow, P. P., Dixon, S. M., & McMillan, K. (2013). Did you have an impact? A theory-based method for planning and evaluating knowledge-transfer and exchange activities in occupational health and safety. International Journal of Occupational Safety Ergonomics, 19(1), 41-62.

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