Campaign on safe roofing works in Spain

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Campaign on safe roofing works The important thing is to get down alive!

In the construction sector, the most frequent form of fatal accident is fall from height. In the case of works executed by small and medium-sized companies, about 50% of these falls occur while carrying out maintenance tasks on roofs. According to the data gathered, these companies have little awareness of the risks to which their employees are exposed and do not have sufficient knowledge about their obligations and technical criteria to protect them.

In order to reduce the incidence rate of this type of accidents, the Spanish National Institute for Safety and Health at Work (INSST) intends to develop a campaign in 2020 on safe roofing works, with the slogan: The important thing is to get down alive! This campaign aims to increase the awareness of promoters and contractors about these risks and improve their technical knowledge to reduce these accidents. For that purpose, different informative products have been elaborated (video, brochures, technical documents, etc.). These accidents can occur in any kind of building (industrial building, office building, residential housing, etc.), therefore this issue is a matter of social interest. Accordingly, the main challenge is to have as much impact as possible.

We have developed two ways of measuring the impact of our project:
– numbers of downloaded and distributed information products;
– incident index of these kind of accidents evolution.

More information available at:
Elena Limón García, Laura Rodríguez Merino


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