The AUVA is currently conducting a campaign to prevent occupational cancer entitled “Gib Acht, Krebsgefahr!” (“Watch out, Cancer Risk!”). In this context, we aim at raising awareness for carcinogens in the workplace by publishing relevant articles in trade journals and advertorials. However, increased awareness is just the first step in preventing occupational cancer. In addition, we help companies to identify and properly manage carcinogens by providing brochures and tools, as well as consulting and training. Only those who know where carcinogens can occur, how to identify them and how to deal with them properly can protect themselves and others.

The starting point of our campaign and our presentation is the current situation regarding occupational cancer in Austria. We will then give you an overview of the structure and content of our campaign. In addition, we will provide specialist information on the identification of carcinogens at the workplace and describe further necessary steps. As our consultants have already gained a lot of experience and we have to deal with different reactions and feedback on our campaign, we will give you some insights. Finally, we will look at the research needs arising from our experience.