Nanorama is a new approach for an interactive knowledge transfer related to nanosafety. The target group varies from OHS specialists to employer and employee. Up to now five scenarios are implemented, two of them, car workshop and production, are translated into English. The tool shows a 360° picture of a lab or a car workshop. The user can turn the view and zoom in and out to get a closer look to details. Everything that has a connection to “safe working with nanomaterial” gets highlighted by mouse-over function and short information pops up. To motivate the user to look for more details, further information is included in a multiple-choice quiz. By clicking on the highlighted objects multiple choice questions appear. After answering the question additional information is given in pictures or short video clips. A score card is located at the edge of the screen.

This online tool deals as a starting point for information gathering. The main aim is to sensitize everybody to the possible existence of nanomaterial in the workplace environment in a playful way. Often the gap of basic knowledge results in workplace exposure. Bridging this knowledge gap as early as possible, when nanomaterials are implemented in working procedures, is the primary objective of this tool.

The tool is embedded in a web page where detailed information and links are offered

The feedback is mostly positive in design as well as content. Technical stability and very good user guidance are additional pleasing comments.