In our volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world psychomental strains in the workplace seem to be increasing. Based on the resulting challenges a constant reflection of demands and balancing resources is of tremendous importance. Established and validated questionnaires, like the COPSOQ or WAI, are only suitable for yearly statistical surveys due to the great amount of questions and the rather small attention span of individuals. At the same time a working environment, that is constantly changing requires a real-time screening of demands and resources to be able to react fast and flexibly.

A study with executives in a global company was able to show that a two-item screening tool, about stress and job satisfaction, is able to measure psychomental strains. Furthermore, results showed that a stress level that is higher than the satisfaction is negatively associated with health. These results show, that two items about stress and satisfaction are able to replace time-consuming questionnaires in the day-to-day business. They can be used flexibly to show a real-time reflection of psychomental strains and draw conclusions regarding health.

Natalie Lotzmann, Sina Fellhauer – SAP