A previous PEROSH project running from 2014-2015 involving researchers from eight countries focused on companies with an ambitiously stated strategy for the prevention of accidents at work – a so called Vision Zero for safety. The study was based on surveys, interviews and workshops with 27 companies across various sectors and sizes.

The project had impact in being inspirational for The International Social Security Association (ISSA) that launched a global campaign in 2017 entitled Vision Zero for Safety, Health and Wellbeing ( ISSA subsequently initiated a project in 2019 to identify a limited set of leading indicators for safety, health and wellbeing, which are relevant and meaningful across sectors and for small, medium and large enterprises.

In order to secure impact, the project utilizes a knowledge transfer and exchange approach in building on inputs and involvement of Vision Zero organizations, scientific literature, and the expertise of the project team and the ISSA steering committee.