Determination of Workplace Protection Factors for Respiratory Protective Devices (RPD)

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Nouvelle imageNumerous scientific studies concerning the determination of workplace protection factors (WPFs) indicate that the level of protection shown by laboratory testing to be presented by respiratory protective devices cannot be attained at real-case workplaces. Calculation of a WPF requires measurements of the total leakage. The under which the total leakage is determined in laboratory tests differ markedly from those encountered by users in practice. Since a harmonized method for determining WPFs (for example determining of the total leakage in the laboratory, workplace studies) does not exist in Europe, the WPFs differ from country to country, in some cases considerably.

One of the objectives of this project was therefore the development of a standardized method and strategy for determining WPFs for a range of respiratory protective devices. Test series were then to be performed at real-case workplaces in order to determine the actual situation. Finally, a training programme was to be developed for the test subjects, and its effectiveness measured.

The project comprised two stages. First stage: Planning and conceptual design, and selection and evaluation of the test method and strategy. Second stage: Several test series were performed on respiratory protective devices at real-case workplaces. The measured data were then to enable parameters to be identified which are ultimately used to determine the desired workplace protection factors.

This PEROSH project was conducted with the support of  an international group of test bodies primarily concerned with occupational safety.

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Description of the project on the PEROSH website:


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