Occupational Safety, Health, and Ergonomics: Theory and Practice

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Scientific monographs released
We are pleased and proud to announce that a long-awaited series of scientific monographs entitled “Occupational Safety, Health, and Ergonomics: Theory and Practice” has been recently released on the international market. The monographs were published in CRC Press / Taylor & Francis by the Central Institute for Labour Protection – National Research Institute in cooperation with scientists from other leading research institutions. Individual volumes of the series are available on the publisher’s website, both in paper version and as an e-book:


Multiple copies may also be ordered. For information, please contact the publisher at: cis@tandf.co.uk.

Content of the 14 monographs
The series consists of 14 monographs reviewing state-of-the-art knowledge and practical solutions applicable in the widely understood work environment. The authors present various topics, such as chemical and biological hazards in the workplace and discuss different types of personal protective equipment, including respiratory protection against harmful biological agents. They analyse the impact of noise on employees, and the effect of lighting on their well-being. Finally, they explore the welfare of employees with health problems or those involved in emotionally demanding professions, such as medical professions. They also present how to use virtual reality to provide safe working conditions for workers, as well as the latest methods of occupational health and safety management in institutions. 

Published monographs
So far, the following titles have been published in the series:

Upcoming monographs
The following titles will soon be added to the series:

  • Active Noise Control: Systems, Solutions and Applications
  • Electromagnetic Ergonomics: From Electrification to a Wireless Society.

We hope you will appreciate and favour this series of publications, summarizing many years of research conducted by the Central Institute for Labour Protection – National Research Institute as well as long-term and fruitful cooperation with institutions in Poland and abroad.

Ms. Małgorzata Przybyszewska
Deputy Head of the Publishing Division
Central Institute for Labour Protection – National Research Institute 
E-mail: maprz@ciop.pl

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