PEROSH seminar on metal working fluids

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In Paris on January 14 and 15 PEROSH organised an information sharing workshop on metal working fluids. The effects of these fluids, such as cooling lubricants, on worker’s health are not always clear. This workshop compared available knowledge in several European countries. Representatives from Austria, Finland, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Norway, Switserland and Sweden were present. The host was INRS from France.

The group will identify research priorities (if any) and areas of technical cooperation between PEROSH institutes, including interventions for reducing exposure to metal working fluids. Furthermore, they will discuss the need for a larger workshop including industry partners (lubricant manufacturers, machine manufacturers, mist control and extraction manufacturers etc.) and independent experts. Finally, they will consider whether a consensus on these topics could be conveyed in a PEROSH statement formalised as a peer-reviewed publication.

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INRS, Pascal Wild,


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