PEROSH Workshop Virtual & Augmented Reality

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On April 28th 2021 at 9:00 CET, PEROSH partners held an information sharing meeting on Virtual Reality and Augmented reality (VR/AR) moderated by TNO, the Dutch PEROSH member. The following are the 5 key messages from that meeting:

  1. The meeting saw 7 excellent presentations about the progress that PEROSH partners are making in VR/AR for occupational health and safety (OSH) purposes; scientific papers, research ideas and solutions were exchanged in a frank and open workshop environment.
  2. PEROSH partners are working on eye-opening VR/AR technologies, ranging from commercially ready VR solutions through applied research to fundamental academic research that pave the way for effective OSH implementations.
  3. Although the institutes have taken different routes of research, there was a good level of understanding, suggestion that the partners are technologically and intellectually at par which provides a solid ground for collaboration. 
  4. There are great expectations for the uptake of VR/AR technologies in OSH but there are some complications that need to be addressed, examples including: cyber sickness, situational awareness and acceptance rules for involuntary use of privacy related personal data.
  5. It was found that VR and AR require different levels of attention: VR being a more established technology requires works in the verification and optimisation of systems are more relevant, AR being somewhat more experimental in our field requiring more fundamental research in terms of added value and the effects on humans.

More information:

Coen van Gulijk, TNO:

Dolf van der Beek, TNO:

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