INSST, Spanish PEROSH member, celebrates its 50th anniversary

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The Spanish National Institute for Health and Safety at Work (INSST) is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2021. The institute was initiated in the light of the Spanish National Plan for Health and Safety at Work, regulated by the Order of 9 March 1971.

INSST is entrusted with these activities: dissemination and training, technical assessment and activities in the enterprises to the Centres of Hygiene and Safety at Work, origin of the INSST. Royal Decree 577/1982 of 17 March 1982 regulated its structure and functions further.

During these fifty years the INSST has been renamed, adapted to new demands and roles but kept its original duty on enhancing safety and health at work and fostering better working condition standards. Some of its main functions were redefined over time due to economic and political renewed scenarios.

These changes included, on the one hand, the transfer of competences in labour matters to the Autonomous Communities. This meant the transfer to them of the provincial structure of the Institute and with them, the majority of the activities in the enterprises. On the other hand, the incorporation of Spain into the European Union and the transposition of the OSH Framework directive (Spanish Law 31/1995, of 8 November 1995), established in Article 8 the mission and essential functions of the Spanish Institute. It changed the role of the INSST that from now on had to act, among other functions, as a national reference centre in relation to the institutions of the European Union.

This year the Institute, despite the difficult situation due to the COVID pandemic, wants to celebrate its anniversary with many activities, including a brand-new commemorative logo and coming autumn, hosting the next PEROSH Research Conference, hopefully in Madrid.

More information: Mercedes Tejedor Aibar,

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