Online surveys EU HORIZON 2020 AGEING@WORK project

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The AGEING@WORK project is an EU HORIZON 2020 Research and Innovation Action that focuses on the need to adapt the working conditions of ageing workers (older than 45 years old), to the new needs that arise from their ageing.

CIOP-PIB, our Polish PEROSH member, is a partner in this project.

In the context of the project, a novel integrated platform of advanced, personalized and adaptive ICT tools is being developed that will help ageing workers of the modern industry to maintain productivity and workability for longer, while achieving a balance between work and personal life. To this end, the platform will on one hand help tailoring the workplace to the evolving needs and specificities of the ageing workers through ergonomics and workplace simulation tools. On the other hand, the ageing workers’ workability and quality of life will be enhanced through physical and mental health support ICT tools and productivity enhancement tools allowing telepresence, life-long learning, knowledge sharing and flexible work management.

In the current phase the first versions of the AGEING@WORK tools and integrated platform have been developed and their pilot use is under way in two pilot sites in Spain and Germany with regard to core Industry 4.0 processes of mining and machines production respectively.

Thus, and on the basis of the user-centered design approach of the project, three surveys have been launched to assess the acceptability and usefulness of the abovementioned AGEING@WORK productivity enhancement tools in relation to the targeted user needs and expectations.

We invite you to fill in the surveys and/or disseminate them to others. Our target respondents are workers above 45 years old regardless their job position. The surveys are in English and short (not more than 10 minutes for each one). In addition, for each of the surveys, videos have been included with the demonstrations of the tools and images, so that the respondents are able to have a closer contact with the proposed solutions.

The links to the surveys are below:

If you would like to know more about the project, please visit and follow us in social media: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

More information
Ms. Mariola Borowska-Łukasiak, CIOP-PIB
Tel: +48 226 233 782

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