TNO briefs Welsh Government on remote working

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Dr. Noortje M. Wiezer, from PEROSH member TNO, is invited to brief the Parliamentary Committee of the Welsh Parliament on remote working.

The Welsh Parliament, which is the democratically elected body that makes laws for Wales in devolved areas, agrees Welsh taxes and holds the Welsh Government to account.  The Parliament’s Economy, Infrastructure and Skills Committee is currently undertaking a scrutiny inquiry into remote working.   

The Welsh Government has recently outlined a long-term ambition for 30% of the workforce in Wales to work remotely on a regular basis.  The government is also exploring options to develop a network of remote working hubs in towns and communities across Wales.

The Parliamentary Committee is scrutinising the possible impacts of this policy. It is looking at international examples of countries with similar ambitions, and is particularly interested in learning from Finland and the Netherlands. 

The Committee wants to take oral evidence from experts to learn about international best practice in remote working, including any lessons that Wales can learn from other countries.

The briefing can be followed live through a Twitter feed 11.30-12.10 GMT on 27 January

For the Twitter feed go to:  @SeneddEIS

The evidence will inform the Committee’s inquiry report and the recommendations it makes to the Welsh Government.

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